• Can a wig be re-curled?

    Unfortunately, due to wigs being synthetic hair they cannot be recurled. However the service I do provide is a full recondition and removal of all frizz which surprisingly gives the effect of the wig being re-curled. ?

  • Can you change the colour of a wig?

    No, a wig cannot be permenantly dyed becuase they are synthetic hair. Although there is the option of temporary coloured hairspray but the colour transfers to the costume and is very difficult to remove.

  • Can a full wig be converted into a bun wig?

    If the colour of your wig is perfect and you would like a change of style, I do provide prices on request. I have done many before, and there are some pictures on the 'Before&After' page.

  • How many times can a wig be repaired?

    This depends on the condition of the wig before the first repair. Although if your wig is in reasonable condition I would predict 3 repairs which will prolong the life of your wig by approximately 18months.

  • How long does this service take on average?

    Depending on how long it takes to get to me, the standard service is; once recieved, 7days then posted back. However, if you dont need it straight away I canstore it until you request it back.

  • Do you attend Feis's?

    Keep an eye on my Blog/News page for upcoming events that I will be attending.